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To say that ear infections are common among children would be a gross understatement. In fact, 5 of 6 kids will have at least one ear infection by the time they’re 3 years old, and it’s the top driver of pediatric visits. To answer the call, Rahat Saied, MD, at Elk Grove Pediatrics, offers top-notch care for ear infections, giving parents in Elk Grove, California, peace of mind. For more information, call or use the online scheduling tool.

Ear Infection Q & A

What causes ear infections in children?

Ear infections in children are very common, and it’s largely due to anatomy. The most common type of ear infection, which is called otitis media, occurs when bacteria gets into the middle ear and your child’s body responds with fluid buildup behind their eardrums, which can cause considerable pain.

The main reason why children are more susceptible to ear infections is that their eustachian tubes, which are responsible for drainage, aren’t fully developed, leaving them prone to invading bacteria.

As well, your child’s adenoids are larger and may interfere with the drainage in their eustachian tubes. Lastly, your child’s immune system isn’t as strong and may not be able to effectively fight off the infection.

What are the signs of an ear infection?

The most obvious sign of your child’s ear infection is the pain caused by the fluid buildup behind their eardrum. But if your child isn’t able to verbalize their discomfort, you may notice:

  • Tugging on the ear
  • A fever
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Fluid draining from their ear
  • Problems with their hearing

The pain that often accompanies an ear infection, whether your child is able to speak or not, usually makes itself quite obvious.

When should I see the doctor?

While most ear infections clear up on their own after 2-3 days, you should consider seeing Dr. Saied if:

  • Your child develops a fever over 102℉
  • Your child is in considerable pain
  • The symptoms go on for more than three days

Ultimately, you know your child best and, if you have any doubt, simply call Dr. Saied to determine the next steps.

How are ear infections treated?

When you first see Dr. Saied, he reviews your child’s symptoms, their medical history, and then he performs an examination. If he identifies an ear infection as the source of your child’s problem, he may prescribe antibiotics, as well as over-the-counter medications for their comfort. In many cases, he may recommend no treatment at all as ear infections typically resolve themselves on their own.

If your child has frequent ear infections, Dr. Saied may recommend more aggressive steps, including placing drains in their ears.

If your child is suffering through an ear infection, call Elk Grove Pediatrics or use the online scheduling tool to book an appointment.